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Core Courses

MSc dissertation

CORE This course was rated high by the stakeholders. An MSc student must submit and defend a supervised dissertation before the award of an MSc degree in the University of


CORE This course was highly favoured by the stakeholders in the survey and the workshop. The student will be exposed to industry organisation and settings to bridge in-class learning with

Design project and graduate seminar

CORE The survey and workshop highly favoured this course. It will harmonise both hard skills and soft skills. It will deliver project development, project planning, project management, business model (including

Energy policy and regulations

CORE Energy policy and regulation was ranked 12th in the survey, but the workshop rated it high as a core course. It will deliver sustainable energy strategies and policies, policy

ICT and Research methods

CORE The research method was ranked 8th, and IoT and big data management ranked 13th in the survey; the workshop highly favoured both. It will deliver ICT, IoT and big

Hydro power technology

CORE It was ranked 7th in the survey and is a priority energy conversion technology in the NREEEP policy of Nigeria. It is set out to deliver technical design, resource

Entrepreneurship and Management

CORE Innovation-driven entrepreneurship was ranked 3rd and energy project management was ranked 10th by the stakeholders. Energy operations and management were identified as one of the dominant skills required in

Renewable energy fundamentals

CORE The stakeholders identified renewable energy fundamentals as a significant course. It will focus on renewable energy technologies and deliver project development, construction and installation, operations and maintenance

Energy access and energy systems

CORE This course was highly ranked (1st) by stakeholders in the survey. The workshop favours the collapsing of Energy Market, Reliability, Safety and Security into this course. The course will